Monday, July 7, 2008

where was I?

I would drink a little too much on purpose. We'd go to his home for more drinks or some pot. I'd rather it be pot. I love fucking high. Then he would kiss me nice and long. The kind of kiss I haven't had in over a year. Joy will erupt all over my body. The long kissing moves from my lips to my neck. There is a true hot spot on my neck. Then his hands will start grabbing and so will mine. I won't grab his crouch until I've had enough of his kisses. When I'm ready, I touch him and then we take our cloths off and fuck. He will fuck me with the energy of a twenty-two year old but with the experience of a man his age. The whole time I'd be thinking, how does he know my body so well and how did he know I like it freaky like that. Once it's over, we talk about nothing in particular and then he goes down on me very gentle and not neglecting my ass. Once I'm licked clean we fuck again. I don't give him head because I don't want him to fall in love too soon.

So that's my fantasy. Sure I could have given more details but I'm not here to write erotic short stories. :)

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