Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Woman my age need more sex?

The other day I was told from a man in his sixties than women in there thirties and forties need sex. He was discussing a friend of ours who just broke up with her boyfriend. He is supposed to be a awful person but very good looking. This older man suggested she should have stayed with the boyfriend and use him for sex.

He's statement has me thinking about my sex life. I'm in my thirties and I miss having sex like hell. I can't have sex with my son's father. I can't have sex with someone else. Having sex with myself isn't fulfilling all my desires. So I have to suffer, right? Will I ever have sex again, I wonder. I feel like a adolescent boy, thinking about it all the time. I saw a young man the other day with his shirt off. I almost had an accident looking at him in my review window.

I need a porn. I want the kind made for a woman. You know how hard they are to find. And when you find them (online), they cost too much. Especially since there's no way to tell if they are good.

I need a good dildo. I never cared for them before. Just give me a little vibrator for a nice clitoral orgasm and I'm happy. I never needed to fuck myself with some big rubber object but it sounds really good about now.

Even with the movie and the toys I'm sure I will long for the human contact. I'm deprived in the sex area but even more so in the kissing area.

I wish kissing wasn't cheating. But kissing leads to other stuff eventually. So I guess I got to be a good girl until I've officially ended it with me son's father. A horny, frustrated, good girl.

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