Friday, June 20, 2008

Why I'm starting this...

I'm not going to promote this blog unless there is a way to do it anonymously and if I think it will help someone else.

I decided to start this blog because I want my current situation documented. My heart is broken. It broke slowly. Took about 7 years and it was painful.

I live with someone who might have loved me but never was in love with me. Once he said I was wrong because I used to love his dirty drawgs but now I don't. I responded that, "you don't love my dirty drawgs so why should I love yours." He said it was different because, he never did.

We have a son together and if it wasn't for that I would feel that it would have been best that I never met him, or not because we more than likely wouldn't still be together and he would just be a passing thought.

During an argument last week, I found out by reading between the lines that he feels he lowered his standards to be with me. WOW.

If anyone find this somehow, tell me something...

What should I do to repair my broken heart when it's been beat up so much that it's unrecognizable?

I'll be back tomorrow and I'm sure more of how this happened will be revealed.


Tired Love R.

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