Sunday, June 22, 2008

In the beginning

When I first saw him I was immediately interested. I didn't think he was especially handsome. I couldn't tell he was intelligent and goofy (two qualities I like) at this point. I just liked how he talked and his mannerisms. He was sort of bohemian and organic. That's what I like about him. I never cared much for the bourgeoisie, suit wearing type who cared more about collecting things to impress other bourgeoisie suits. He was far from this type.

So, I could tell he was interested. But we couldn't exactly flirt or get to know each other because this guy I was sort of dating was in the way. So I danced sexily in his view and he wrote in his notepad while sitting on the floor right in front of me while I played cards with this guy I was sort of dating. We didn't exchange numbers. If I didn't have a connection to him through other people, we more than likely would have never met. But a friend was determined to make it happen between us. She thought it was a perfect idea and wanted to add us to the couple she collected as friends for her and her boyfriend.

Eventually we met again at a party, exchanged numbers and went out. Right away there were two things undesirable about him. If our paths crossed today and he lived with his parents and didn't have a car, I'm sure I would keep passing. Now he lives with me and still don't have a car after 7 years. He had a car once but that didn't last very long.

If I made a list of what traits I don't want the next guy to have it would look something like this - sport fanatic (hell no!), doesn't live alone, no car, unromantic, narcissistic, and unmotivated/lack drive.

So in the beginning, I was happy with him. I enjoyed his company and we had good talk. He was ok in bed as well. You know it was good in the beginning because it’s normal to be completely excited when exploring a new body that we are attracted to. Also, he is well endowed. But after the newness rubbed off it got sort of boring. I tried to introduce us to Tantric sex but he was not at all interested. I bought a book for role playing ideas and he didn't want anything to do with it. I slowly figured it out, we are not as sexually compatible as I would like. But in the beginning none of that was revealed and I was falling hard for him. The physical connection was special and I started wanting him as a boyfriend not just a lover. He didn't want a girlfriend and at first I didn't want a boyfriend but sometimes things change when you meet that special person. Why he decided to make me his girlfriend is still sort of confusing to me. Maybe I will explore that tomorrow.

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