Saturday, June 21, 2008

Things can go crazy any moment!

It's sort of calm in my home. We are not talking much and I find that best because I never know what will ignite an huge yelling match. He has to win so I don't participate much any more. I simply go into another room and close the door and because he needs to get his point out, he yells through the door. So I close my ears and sing like a little girl to protect myself from his hurtful words.

So today it's calm. But things can go crazy if we start to talk and then one rubs the other the wrong way somehow. So I'm hoping I can keep this up. A way to insure this is to not do intoxicants around him. Before I decided to not do intoxicants around him to make sure I don't slip up and have sex with him. Now, I don't want to pretend to be friends. Friends don't hurt you. It feels like war.

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